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Our Process

13 Wealth Management Issues

We created a custom approach using a platform of 13 Wealth Management Issues. These issues define our Wealth Planning process, and help ensure that our clients’ entire wealth plan is reviewed, optimized, and integrated. Together with our clients, we review and discuss each issue and make recommendations where gaps or shortfalls arise. When our review is complete and the recommended changes have been implemented, we created the family WealthCompendium®.

Asset, Allocation, and Diversification

Ensure appropriate and cost effective

Exercise plan / Taxation / Concentration Issues

Who is it / Continuity within the estate plan

Control issues

Who / Continuity within the estate plan

Tax efficiency and control

Overall insurance plan, life disability and liability

Investments and Distributions - both during life and death


Tax efficiency and Control


Tax efficiency and control

Wealth Compendium

The WealthCompendium® is the synthesis of our process. It is a different, and proprietary wealth integration portal that the families we serve have access to anytime, anywhere. It empowers each family with a sense of control, knowledge, and security. Our clients can also access their wealth plan through our secure client portal located at WealthCompendium.com.

By accessing the Wealth Compendium, clients receive:
• A full understanding of each component of their wealth plan – and how it fits into the entire wealth planning picture.
• Access to important documents when needed, anywhere in the world.
• An important tool for family/children and other family advisors when wealth planning questions or needs arise – or for family education and meetings.

Our Investment Process

We follow a disciplined process to determine the optimal allocation for a family, as well as the investments needed to implement that allocation. The result is a portfolio that reflects the needs, wants, and risk tolerance of each family we serve. In addition, the portfolio is fully reflective and integrated with your entire wealth plan.

Personal Interview & Identifying Goals

• Identify goals and aspirations
• Discuss financial resources in light of your current plan
• Profile professional goals and risks
• Gather documentation and statements
• Discuss past investment success and failure
• Review 13 Wealth Management Issues

Portfolio Construction/ Asset Allocation

• Review income goals and risk tolerance
• Test portfolio against your goals (Monte Carlo Analysis)
• Run multiple plans and scenarios
• Determine the “ideal” plan and allocation. “Ideal” equates to the highest probability of success with the least amount of volatility

Asset Allocation Implementation

• Implement the plan and allocate the portfolio assets
• Discuss the “Core” Allocation, and consider “Tactical” Allocation as Opportunities Arise
• Customize the portfolio to the client’s situation. (Review current assets and ensure there is no overlap)
• Be aware of tax consequences and timing issues
• Discuss our macro view of the economy and markets

Ongoing Monitoring & Reporting

• Quarterly Reviews
• Black Diamond Reporting
• Wealth Allocation Framework
• WealthCompendium™
• Incorporate the WealthCompendium® into Reviews
• Family Meetings

Investment Philosophy

While our Wealth Planning process is the cornerstone of our practice and client relationships, our Investment Process and Client Care Commitment are equally rigorous and comprehensive. We assist our clients in constructing a well-diversified portfolio that is tailored to their individual goals and objectives. Our approach considers each family’s feelings, financial situation, tax considerations, risk tolerance, and stated goals – while providing in-depth capital markets analysis.

Keep it Simple

After over 20 years in the financial services industry, we have learned that complexity is not needed for investment success. Wall Street thrives on complexity. We lean towards simplicity. Understanding what you own and why you own it is important.

Less is More

Activity should be kept to a minimum. We advocate quarterly rebalancing and occasional stop orders for downside protection. Otherwise, we seek lower portfolio activity, not higher.

Quality is King

Holding high quality assets tends to pay for itself over time. High quality stocks. High quality bonds. High quality managers with strong teams and track records through full market cycles. There is no substitute for quality. When and where we add lower quality assets, the risk reward must be compelling.

Liquidity is Key

With complexity typically comes illiquidity. We value liquidity. Liquidity helps clients sleep well. Liquidity allows for optionality –i.e. the ability to add cash to quality investments when prices fall. While we generally avoid illiquid investments, we recognize that all clients have different needs. We will allocate capital to illiquid assets when the risk/reward is compelling and it fits a client’s investment goals and desires.

Diversification is Important for Wealth Preservation

Different investment assets and asset classes perform at different times. We build portfolios using multiple asset classes in diverse amounts depending on the current economic and market environment. These include stocks, bonds, cash, and real assets.

Minimize Losses

Markets don’t always go up. When we must endure downside volatility, we seek to raise cash and wait for a better day. Minimizing downside volatility is a key to investment success.

It's Never Different This Time

Investment fads come and go. It’s never “different this time.”

Track and Invest Alongside the "4 Horsemen"

We’ve identified the 4 horsemen of investing as: Fundamental Conditions (Market and Economic), Technical Conditions (Charts), Sentiment (Commercial Investors, Traders, Retail), and Policy (Fiscal and Monetary)

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